By qualification, a lawyer; by profession, an internet marketer, writer, social media specialist, content strategist, e-commerce marketing and branding manager. As a writer, I’ve written for magazines, advertisements, advertorials, written reviews for newspapers, ghost written countless blogs, websites, sales pages, manuscripts and e-books. Versatile, professional, accommodating, I believe my quick understanding and adaptability to the rapid changes in the World Wide Web, advertising world, social media and up-to-date understanding about marketing strategies will be beneficial to the company that I work for.

Things have changed up since my last update in 2018; I’ve gained more experience, have had a better look at what a real startup looks like from the inside, and have helped launch countless projects.

But still…I am a writer at heart. I continue to write here and my personal Blogger website. I’ve also supercharged my activities on Medium, starting my own publication called D-Verge, and also continue to contribute to other publications I am interested in. Life at Medium is pretty interesting!

I am also wondering if branding myself and website, MarshaMetta, is going to work out because WordPress has this sly tactic of not allowing dirt poor members do anything besides what they can already do with free blogging platforms.

I am telling you as it is, hiding nothing. Even their premium WordPress plans limits you to doing nothing much. But is very dear to me. I will tell you why in later posts.

Either way, I have always been, and will always be, on the internet.

I’ve also activated my Facebook Page so, if you want to catch up, hit either the ‘follow’ or ‘like’ button! Otherwise, let’s connect on Instagram where I post quite regularly. See you there and leave me a message if you think I should follow you back!

Apr 2020

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April, 2020

working remotely with a plan
Working out a plan right from the start

The Future Workforce is Here – Remote Workers
We are at the precipice of an era some of us had earlier predicted, others have rejected. Even CEOs of the largest companies on this planet, as well as Stand-up Comedians and Late Night Show hosts (even Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Stephen Colbert, Conan O’Brien, and John Oliver), are giving us glimpses into what their home-work lives. Continue Reading

December 29, 2018

girl reading a newspaper
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Write Your Way to a Better Year, a Better You
Over the course of my freelance writing career, I’ve been called all sorts of names. I’ve been “advised” not to make a living out of writing CRAP, I’ve been told that I’ve shamelessly abandoned the Queen English’s because I spell (most of the time) and use American spelling (Malaysia was a British Colony, we should be proud to have English as a part of our syllabus, unlike many other the poor unfortunate NON-colonized nations in the world) in my daily writings. These non-former-colonies, apparently dare retain and expand their own national languages. How dare they? #sarcasm #nohateplease Continue Reading

December 10, 2018

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The Internet Wisdom and Skepticism We Need
Remember how it all started? How it took your breath away when you managed to make a free call to someone from across the globe? Remember how heart-stopping it was when you finally found the long-lost aunt you’ve not seen since you were 7 on MySpaceFriendster or Multiply? Do you recall the first time you learned that you can sell products on the internet without keeping an inventory of things? Remember purchasing your first damn domain name? Heck, remember purchasing ANYTHING on the internet for the first time ever? Now, everyone’s just plain suspicious on social media. Continue Reading

September 23, 2018

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Writing Is My LifeLine – I can’t imagine not writing the same way some people can’t imagine posting a status update on their Facebook or Instagram. Just kidding. Maybe not. For more than 18 years, I’ve been consistently writing – for my blog(s), clients, advertising companies, radio adverts, company brochures, and for anything that required written words. If I were …

May 19, 2018


The Attraction of the Words ‘Behind the Scenes’
It works like a charm every time a prolific figure or celebrity offer you some ‘behind the scenes’ look at their work and personal space, inside peeks into their everyday lives and maybe even their favorite coffee art on Instagram. Why else would the Kardashians show off so much on their Instagram accounts? That’s what their fans want. Can we blame them that it works? Humans are wired to be curious about the lives of other people and that’s why social media networks like Facebook works so well. Continue Reading

5th April, 2018


Work-At-Home Hacks For People Just-Like-Me
There are rules of thumb but there are no hard and fast rules. The ‘things people do every day to become successful’ in what they do has so many variables. Some swear by morning coffees, others a 20-minute nap. Give or take, that’s almost always the story. Like I said, variables. Routine, or better yet, …Continue Reading


4th January, 2018


Writing Newsletter Headlines that Work
As a busy individual, it’s hard to sift through all of them everyday. In fact, it comes highly recommended that we have specific time slots allocated for emails. For the rest of the day, as we trudge from one place to another, attend meetings and work on stuff to actually meet the dateline, we are advised to stay away from checking our emails….
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