By qualification, a lawyer; by profession, an internet marketer, writer, social media specialist, content strategist, e-commerce marketing and branding manager. As a writer, I’ve written for magazines, advertisements, advertorials, written reviews for newspapers, ghost written countless blogs, websites, sales pages, manuscripts and e-books. Versatile, professional, accommodating, I believe my quick understanding and adaptability to the rapid changes in the World Wide Web, advertising world, social media and up-to-date understanding about marketing strategies will be beneficial to the company that I work for.

Just to see what I have been up to of late, just visit my writer blog on this website or click over to my personal Blogger website. Either way, I have always been, and will always be, on the internet.

Nov 2017

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4th January, 2018


Writing Newsletter Headlines that Work
As a busy individual, it’s hard to sift through all of them everyday. In fact, it comes highly recommended that we have specific time slots allocated for emails. For the rest of the day, as we trudge from one place to another, attend meetings and work on stuff to actually meet the dateline, we are advised to stay away from checking our emails….


15th December, 2017
The Journey of the Humble

Staying Humble is Hard Work Humility wins over pride any time of the day. This is not to say that you can’t be proud of the work that you do and the awards that you’ve gained along the winding road of daily-grinds. You’ve absolutely earned it but there is a fine line between being proud …
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7th December, 2017
Updated my Testimonials Page with feedback I’ve received from more than 13 years ago! LOL. Never thought that I would be using or needing them at all since it was posted (willingly) on a site that rates a freelancer’s work. I now have a deeper appreciation for all the wonderful words that those people willingly left for me. I should do the same for others, really. It means so much in the end. =) I’ve also updated my About page with a link to Ezinearticles where more than 400 articles have been published since 2005!


5th Dec, 2017
How to Make your Instagram Work for you
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