The Attraction of the Words ‘Behind the Scenes’

When a company breaches the digital divide by being personal, it breaks the impersonal barrier between customer and company.

What’s The Secret? She Did What OMG…

It works like a charm every time a prolific figure or celebrity offer you some ‘behind the scenes’ look at their work and personal space, inside peeks into their everyday lives and maybe even their favorite coffee art on Instagram. Why else would the Kardashians show off so much on their Instagram accounts? That’s what their fans want. Can we blame them that it works?

Humans are wired to be curious about the lives of other people and that’s why social media networks like Facebook works so well.

Needless to say, as of right now, at the point of updating and editing this, people all over the world are peering hours-on-end into the smartphones in their hands, looking for nuggets of information, pictures and news about the Royal Wedding. Not being much of a fan of both ‘royalty’ AND ‘weddings’, I am merely sitting here completing this post instead. But you guys go ahead. =)

And go ahead and enjoy the lineup of celebs rolling up the red carpet. I’ll bet my bottom dollar (I don’t have a lot, so….) on the fact that there is a negligible number of people out there looking for dirt. A smudge on his shoe. An ice-cream stain on her dress. Anything. But it’s George Clooney.

Facebook Told Me I Broke My Vacuum Cleaner and I Need a New One

Although I no longer pursue Facebook in a personal way, there are so many ways to make Facebook work for you as a business.Β 1.15 billion daily active users, a large percentage of which belongs to the 25 – 44 year-old age group, log into their Facebook accounts to ‘catch up’ with their family and friends. That’s a big chunk of people we should be paying some attention to.

My beef with Facebook is that the fact that they have their hands on the reins and refuse to let up. No matter how much we try to control the algorithm of our own feeds, Facebook insists on showing you whatΒ they think you want to see instead. With ads, it’s a different story. There’s better control there because we get to pick and choose who sees what and when.

In 2016, social media managed to rake up more than $27 billion in advertising dollars from across all industries, a heart-stopping increase rate even for people who crunch advertising numbers for a living.

Ding! You’ve Got Digital SNAIL Mail!

And email…let’s not forget the almost-age-old method of communicating with people. I contend that email marketing has a longer lifespan now compared to before BECAUSE of social media. As we try to get away from all the buzz of Facebook and Twitter, sometimes, emails become our refuge.

This is in relation to my own personal email, not the professional Gmail that I use for work, but that’s my escape where most of my subscriptions go to.

It’s become a habit for me to skim over what’s in the inbox and liberally click on the delete button all the way through. If the headline is not catching my eye, logic dictates that the content is not going to appeal to me either.

But the appearance of the words ‘Behind the Scenes‘ almost always hit the sweet spot.


Which brings me back to the point of the #RoyalWedding. People are naturally curious about the lives of others. Sometimes, as a point of reference, other times to snarl over with your besties. XD

Who Are You and What Did You Do to Adeline?!

Whether you’re working with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or Tumblr, it is all the more important NOW to show people the REAL you. Someone your customers or followers can connect to, not a stock photo, not someone superficial and artificial, but someone real. That’s how ‘behind the scenes’ work. With 66% of social media users logging into their preferred platform to find out more about products and services that they might be interested in, it’s something the importance of which we can’t deny.

Although most of us are usually there to watch videos of parents diabolically feeding their unsuspecting babies lemons and cute furry cats, I, for one, appreciate it when I get an alert (in the form of an ad) about a product or service that I might like too. But aaawwww……

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More than a decade ago, I used to make a buck or two writing landing pages, sales pages, corridor pages (anyone remember this?!), SEO pages and keyword-packed articles. The choice of words would often put pressure on people to react RIGHT NOW. A decade ago, the pressure and FOMO worked. However, words like ‘Only Today‘, ‘Last Chance‘, ‘Hurry‘ or ‘Limited Supply‘ tend to elicit different reactions now compared to before.

With so many options and distractions, people are less inclined to cave in now.

Work, Work, Work, Work Work…You See Me Doing Me Dirt, Dirt, Dirt….Sorry

41% of customers say that they remain loyal to a brand or company because of the employees that they’ve come into contact with. I’ll say the same too about the Dominos delivery guy in my area. =)

So, here are some words that you may CONSIDER including in your write-up when composing your next email newsletter, landing page, blog or sales letter.

Words that you can use for that Call to Action.

  • Free
  • You
  • Results
  • Personal
  • Benefit
  • Guarantee

I find that words that bring people together are more effective in this day and age. I don’t have a definite list and don’t think that this is a win-all panacea but, give it a shot!

If you have other words to add to the list, please feel free to share them. I would also welcome your thoughts if you think former methods continue to work today! It’s the internet…and the internet is a digital abyss in your back pocket.

  • You
  • Us
  • Reminder
  • Would love to
  • Encourage
  • Together
  • Celebrate
  • Free
  • Share
  • Welcome
  • Join
  • Help us
  • Best
  • How to / How I / How we
  • Looking for
  • Advice
  • The power of
  • What’s happening
  • Start
  • Affordable
  • Save money
  • Care
  • Simple solution
  • Do you want
  • Good news / Great news
  • Fun
  • Simple
  • X number of ways you can
  • Your favorite
  • We are all
  • Forget about XYZ, try ABC instead
  • Sales / Promotion
  • Great deal
  • Giveaway
  • Thank you
  • You need this
  • Let us help you

Have an amazing Saturday!

Sources: (Pew Social Media Update 2016)
instagram – Meghansfashion, fashion__p, instacatsubmit

twitter – Neil Patel


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