Digging into the Racial Politics of ‘Ugly Delicious’

David Chang’s Ugly Delicious explores some nuanced ideas around race and food while also reproducing some harmful cultural narratives. Media culture Ph.D. student Rachel Kuo identifies five ways she’d like the show to push further. via Digging into the Racial Politics of ‘Ugly Delicious’ — Discover Go ahead and read the above-linked article about how Rachel … Continue reading Digging into the Racial Politics of ‘Ugly Delicious’


The Journey of the Humble

Staying Humble is Hard Work Humility wins over pride any time of the day. This is not to say that you can't be proud of the work that you do and the awards that you've gained along the winding road of daily-grinds. You've absolutely earned it but there is a fine line between being proud … Continue reading The Journey of the Humble