The Happy Science of Mastering Your Health

The right footing to start off on would be one that is cautious, curious, inquisitive, questioning, experimental and yet a little skeptical. We’ve all heard preachy stuff on the internet about how one diet can cure ailments your doctors have no answers for. We’ve read tall theories of the mystical healing powers of essential oils … Continue reading The Happy Science of Mastering Your Health


Writing Is My Life Line

I can't imagine not writing the same way some people can't imagine posting a status update on their Facebook or Instagram. Just kidding. Maybe not. For more than 18 years, I've been consistently writing – for my blog(s), clients, advertising companies, radio adverts, company brochures, and for anything that required written words. If I were … Continue reading Writing Is My Life Line

The Attraction of the Words ‘Behind the Scenes’

When a company breaches the digital divide by being personal, it breaks the impersonal barrier between customer and company. What's The Secret? She Did What OMG... It works like a charm every time a prolific figure or celebrity offer you some 'behind the scenes' look at their work and personal space, inside peeks into their … Continue reading The Attraction of the Words ‘Behind the Scenes’

Hey, Your Writing Sucks

I’m not sure I agree with the bluntness but yeah, positive criticism can go a long way

Memoir Of A Writer

Let me explain.

When I first decided to pursue writing seriously (as in put my all into something that might not give me any return) all I wanted was someone to tell me that I was making the right decision. I didn’t know if I was good enough at writing to make it my career choice.

My entire way of thinking was wrong, but I’ll get back to that.

What I actually needed was someone to tell me my writing sucked. Because it did, and hey sometimes if I’m in a hurry it still does. (I’ve had to delete a few blog posts due to my hastiness.)

Pretending someone is better at something than they are is detrimental to their growth, especially while learning a craft. My biggest pet peeve in workshops are when people are so nice that the person whose work is getting critique thinks that their work…

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